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Advanced material synthesis

Depending on the dimensions and size of the designed structure as well as the geographical location of the construction site, the cement used has a different mix design. This mix design is provided to the user by the design and analysis team.

Geomars startup has done extensive research in the field of design and development of printable cement and ceramic composites, one of the achievements of which can be mentioned. Due to the fact that metal structures are not used in these structures due to printing limitations as well as corrosive compounds in the composite, to mechanically strengthen the cement to increase the resistance to crack expansion (toughness (K1c)) and increase the Young’s modulus (which Prior to failure, many wax deformations show that it increases earthquake resistance) as well as low thermal conductivity (which is the resistance to the passage of thermal energy due to the presence of phases in it) from self-reinforced composite concrete with Young modulus. High yield and yield strength far greater than reinforced concrete. Many experiments in this field have been done in startup Geomars.

Geomars has started to produce 3D printers, especially in the construction industry, as well as special cement and ceramic materials that are made using industrial waste and natural pozzolans to protect the environment. The team also uses the technical knowledge of its members to provide a variety of services in the field of consulting, training and analysis of advanced materials.

Design and construction

Design and manufacture of metal powder preparation machine for 3D metal printers

Design services

Providing design services (topology optimization) and fabrication of multiple materials and metamaterials (metamaterials) with a 3D printer

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