Our services

Execution of industrial and civil projects

Due to the fact that 3D printers can print any type of design and map, the expert team of architecture and structure of Geomars can always transfer their ideas and experiences to users in this regard. Also, Geomars as an executor of construction or architecture projects can help employers and take on the required activities in the role of executor until the end of the project.

Production of industrial parts

Production of large-scale industrial parts with polymer 3D printers in various industries of automotive, engine, aerospace, aerospace and ...

Production of civil and traffic parts

Production of construction and traffic parts with 3D polymer printers for municipalities

Biomechanical components

Design and manufacture of biomechanical components with 3D printers such as artificial veins, bones, scaffolds, implants, stents and inserts

Artificial vein: Application in biomechanics

Different printing patterns: metamaterial

Flobox piece: from two types of PLA and different angles

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