Advanced materials

3D Printer Cement

Depending on the dimensions and size of the designed structure as well as the geographical location of the construction site, the cement used has a different mix design. This mix design is provided to the user by the design and analysis team.

The Geomars team has conducted extensive research in the design and development of printable cement and ceramic composites. Due to the fact that metal structures are not used in these structures due to printing limitations as well as corrosive compounds in the composite, to mechanically strengthen the cement, to increase the resistance to crack propagation and to increase the Young’s modulus (to increase earthquake resistance). As well as low thermal conductivity (which is resistant to the passage of thermal energy due to the presence of phases in it) of self-reinforced composite concrete with high yang modulus and yield strength is much higher than reinforced concrete.

Fireproof cement

This generation of refractory cement has special features. To make this cement, industrial wastes such as slag, industrial sludge are used, which can be used in the manufacture of refractory cement according to their needs and tolerance of specific temperatures, according to their characteristics and special synthesis. Also, this refractory cement has a good compressive strength in the face of high temperatures up to 1200 ° C. In addition, corrosion resistance in various environmental conditions is also very good compared to other products. This refractory cement can be used in the construction of furnaces, insulation of structures, use in the walls of ponds of steel mills, insulation of tanks.

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